Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Buying vegetables and fruit does not need to hurt your wallet or purse. It's time for some knowledge! Do you know that it is easy to include more without having to spend more. Keep in mind, all forms count, so look for specials throughout the store and check out these other tips for getting more.

You need to scan the circulars of local stores for sales in all forms: fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice. You can have your kids do this for you to get them involved. Hey, with the savings you get you can use that purchase some other healthy goodies for them!

Shop and then chop. Buy it fresh and chop immediately yourself. Store it in the fridge so you can use at a later time it is just the same as store bought chopped but with less the cost! Make yourself a smoothie!

Sack it and pack it. Buy in bulk it will make your trip to the store much more efficient. You can double the dish and freeze and store half to have for later!

No boring dinner here. Remember seasonal fruits and vegetables are often less costly. Take advantage of this when planning your meals. Instead of a standard meal make yourself a healthy smoothie.

From your fridge to the freezer: You can freeze uneaten portions of fruits and vegetables. You can cut and chop and store for later use, for example, omelets and salads.

Doubling up. When preparing meals you can double up on veggies and reduce on meat costs.

Make easy fruit and vegetable smoothies. You can use these as meal replacements thus bringing down your overall cost at the market.

My name is Frank Sanchez.

Being involved with the military for over 12 years and currently serving as a U.S. achat fruit nouvelle-calédonie . I have real world experience in being physically fit and following a healthy diet. It is my mission with the articles that I write to share tips with you on how to get and be physically fit and to share tips on following a sensible healthy diet.