City Of Madera

Madera Values Quarterly is your local coupon mailer in full-color magazine format that is distributed to 27,000 homes quarterly in the greater Madera area. Mailed directly to residences in Madera & Chowchilla, this family-oriented magazine is widely anticipated every quarter. madera california , special offers, discounts and service offers fill the pages of each magazine in an attractive and appealing advertising opportunity.

Madera Values Quarterly is mailed directly to residents. Over 8 years of strategic planning & testing we have selected & target the top postal carrier routes to over 27,000 households quarterly in City Of Madera, Madera County, Madera Ranchos & Chowchilla. In addition 2,000 copies of Madera Values Quarterly are printed and available in our professional display racks & stands in many local Madera businesses.

For about 2-3 cents per home, your business is featured in our magazine. We have a professional graphic artist on staff to design your advertisement for no charge. We provide an eye-catching, effective design for the fraction of the cost of a postage stamp.